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Company Overview

Simply put, this is what we`re good at, for sure.

Timely bookings, affordable vacation plans and more ensure an unforgettable experience. KAD DiGiTECH has a wide choice of vacation locations spread across 103 countries, with accommodation at 6,500+ resorts worldwide available.

  • Global Destinations.
  • Inflation-free holidays.
  • Most competitive prices.
  • In-house travel arrangements.
  •  Easy transferability.
  •  No exchange fees at our own properties.
  •  Lowest maintenance cost.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the most preferred holiday and leisure club in India and across the globe. We believe in our customers, and do everything possible to exceed customer expectations every time and provide them with a WOW experience forever. We always listen to our customers and come out with innovative products & service to enhance overall customers engagement with KAD DiGiTECH.

170 Locations